10 Easy and Quick Ways to get Motivated to Clean

Oh, cleaning. The endless cycle of junk moving from one room to the rest, being stuffed into closets only to be forgotten about, and the well-known phrase, “sorry for the mess!” Yet how do we get motivated to clean when our houses look like a nuclear bomb went off?

Cleaning is a part of everybody’s lives, and while some people love it, others dread every moment of it.

However, everybody has their days where they are not motivated to clean anything.

These 10 tips help to become motivated whenever you are reluctant to declare war on the dust bunnies. 


1. Clean in the Morning 

Cleaning in the morning helps your day start in the right way and lets you accomplish something early on.

Getting your cleaning done earlier in the day will let you reap the satisfaction of a clean and tidy home for the rest of the day. However, this isn’t always possible.

If it is a workday, getting the cleaning done as soon as you get home instead of relaxing, will help you feel and be more relaxed at the end of the day! 

fancy bottles for cleaning

2. Block out Time 

Block out time in your schedule to clean. Take even 15 minutes to do as much as you can.

Put on a timer and challenge yourself to get as much done as possible. Those minutes will fly by and you will be surprised how much was accomplished in that time! 

After that time has finished and you feel like cleaning more, go for it! If not, at least you got quite a bit done and have done your part for the day! 

use a timer to get motivation to clean

3.Do the Worst, First! 

I have mentioned this in my other blog post on the “rules” of spring cleaning, doing the worst first helps you overcome those sore spots in the house.

You might even be surprised how quickly you managed to clean the shower drain or other areas you have avoided for so long! 

Doing this mentally prepares you to keep going as you have already climbed the hill and can now resume by flying down the other side with all your favorite chores! 


4. Make Lists 

I cannot stress enough how important it is to make lists.

Making lists puts you in the right mental headspace to clean and provides you with a visual aid of what needs to be done, and what has gotten done. 

Writing lists is the number one way I get motivated to clean, seriously, give it a try!

Take pride in crossing off the accomplished tasks! I even recommend writing down your list in order of your cleaning routine, that way you always know what needs to be done next! 

Click here to head over to my downloadable spring cleaning checklists!

get motivated to clean spring cleaning checklist get motivated to clean spring cleaning checklist


5. No Distractions 

This one is so hard, yet so important!

Put away the phone, any electronics, and turn off the TV while cleaning, even if it is just for one time. I assure you; you will get your tasks done in a shorter amount of time than before. 


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6. Get Help 

Cleaning does not have to all rest on you.

Get your spouse to help and your children as well! They might not be helping you regularly until now but giving them even small jobs, such as unloading the dishwasher will be a huge help in the long run! 

Plus, it is always fun to race against the clock and see who can clean the most of “pick up the most toys!” 


7. Make a Playlist 

Make a playlist of your favorite music and have a little fun while cleaning.

Cleaning while dancing to your favorite music lets you get the house clean and do a little workout! 

Choosing more upbeat energizing music will really help get that heartbeat up and the motivation to make cleaning fun! 

listen to music to get motivated to clean


8. No Perfectionists Here! 

You do not need to clean everything perfectly.

Cleaning one thing perfectly might mean you won’t get 10 other smaller things done.

Choose what to focus on. Instead of spending 10 minutes of your time cleaning your muddy shoes, rather choose to make beds, clear the table, and pick up clothes from the floor instead.

Save those longer more strenuous tasks for deep-cleaning days or do them after your timer has rung as an added bonus 


9. Remind Yourself of the Reason  

You are wanting to clean for a reason.

Particularly try to determine this reason beforehand and remind yourself when you catch yourself taking a break, checking your phone, or giving up. 

If you are cleaning because you are having company over, remind yourself of the satisfaction of them walking into your clean home.

However, if you are cleaning for yourself, imagine how amazing it will feel to sit down and relax later with a clean and tidy home! 

person getting motivation to clean and scrub


10.Watch Something 

Personally, this has always really helped me get the motivation to clean. I don’t necessarily do it on purpose, yet if I watch a cleaning or organizing video, I always get in the mood to do those things myself.

Watch an episode of “Hoarders” or even some cleaning You-tube videos prior to tackling the mess. This can really help you feel satisfied and keep your motivation on a high for longer! 


Cleaning does not have to feel like a burden.

With these tips, you can get your cleaning done FASTER, BETTER, and make it feel like less of a chore.

Let me know in the comments below which tips you tried. Also, what works to get you motivated to clean on your lazy days! 

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