12 Cutest Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas!

christmas pregnancy announcement

Falalalala la la la la! It’s that season again, the season of hot chocolates, Christmas movies, all the yummy food, and all the cutest Christmas pregnancy announcement ideas! 

But let’s just be honest here… 

Christmas isn’t all joy and happiness, it also comes with a lot of stress, and if you’re pregnant, morning sickness. 

I get to experience Christmas this year from a new perspective, waiting for labor to come during the holiday season. Ugh, I don’t know whether to be excited or scared that I may miss all the festivities this year! 


Anyways, enough of the random Christmas season talk, let’s get to why you are here. 

If you are expecting, CONGRATULATIONS! Here are all of the absolute cutest and most genius ways you can announce your Christmas pregnancy! 

 12 Cutest Pregnancy Announcement Ideas 

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Santa Shirts for Couple 

couple christmas pregnancy announcements shirts

These couple shirts to announce your pregnancy are the cutest!  

Announce your pregnancy by bluntly showing up in these super cute couple shirts. Both shirts are made from the best and softest cotton material and can be ordered in various sizes and red and green colors. 

Even if your family knows you are pregnant, these shirts are sure to give them a laugh nonetheless! 

I would even buy them for myself, however, who knows if I even make it until Christmas time with this little babe! 


We’re Pregnant Scratch Off Card 

christmas announcement scratch off card

Now, this pregnancy card I find absolutely genius! While it doesn’t quite fit into the “Christmas theme” it is super cute and can be decorated or paired with any Christmas gift! 

The card features a printed card with the label “We’re Pregnant!”, that will need to be scratched off like a lottery ticket to be revealed. 

So, if you have any lottery fans in your family, or simply somebody you are looking to surprise, this card would be the ideal winner! 

Christmas Announcement Card

christmas pregnancy announcement card

Now, these customizable cards are super cute. With many other designs to choose from targeted at parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and so much more, this card is the ideal surprise for any pregnancy announcement! 

Already coming with a super cute envelope, the whole Christmas theme of the card is sure to be a big hit! 

Also, check out all the other super cute pregnancy announcements on this shop, Christmas themed, and many more! 


Christmas Personalized Puzzle 

personalized puzzle

Got any puzzle enthusiasts in your family? Then this would be the perfect way to reveal your pregnancy. 

With a personalized option to change the baby name and arrival date, this one is a genius idea. 

If you want to, you can even customize the whole thing by changing the way its worded or by adding a picture, the options are endless! 

For this price, I found it to even be more reasonable than getting it printed at a regular shop like staples or London drugs. And the quality is also more lasting and better! 


Wine Label 

pregnancy announcement wine labels

Got a wine lover in your family? Then these wine labels are sure to be a huge hit! 

With a super cute Christmas theme that still looks modern and sleek, and the ability to customize the names on the label, what more could you want? 

And the best part? These labels are water and weatherproof, meaning you can chill your wine in an ice bath or fridge without worrying that the ink will bleed and ruin your carefully planned out surprise. 

I guess they thought of everything! 


Christmas Shirt 

pregnancy shirt

Are you looking for a cute and fun way to announce your pregnancy as a single mom? Then these Christmas themed shirts are for you. 

Whether you already have a bump or not, these would be super cute Christmas shirts in general, bonus points if you are announcing your pregnancy with this shirt! 

This shirt comes by itself, meaning no other shirt needs to be bought to complete the set with a partner.  

Also, make sure to check out all the other shirts in this collection with different prints and colors! 

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Big Brother/Big Sister Christmas Shirt 

big brother shirt for pregnancy announcement

Got a little man in your life already that you can use to announce your pregnancy?  

This super adorable big brother t-shirt is just the cutest way to announce your pregnancy, or simply to give everybody a laugh. 

With Christmas colors, a cute elf, many different sizes, and professionally crafted shirts, what more would you want? 

Also check out this same shirt, except for a big sister. Same style, concept, yet only different gender.  

Christmas Ornament 

Okay, now this one stole my heart.  

The simple, modern, sleek look and customizable feature with the ribbon color, this one is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy or even gift to that mom-to-be in your family. 

Too bad we don’t have the room in our tiny apartment for a Christmas tree, just a tiny 2-foot one must be enough. 

Pairing this with a hung-up picture of your ultrasound would make the cutest Christmas announcement! 


Mug Announcement 

Do you have that special sister or sister-in-law to announce your Christmas pregnancy to? Then this is definitely the gift for you! 

Customizable with the style of the mug, name, date of arrival, and even the heart color, this dishwasher and microwave proof mug is a truly special gift! 

Also available in different styles for Grandma, Mom, or even Dad, this cup seems to be the perfect fit for any occasion! 


Cute Baby Hat 

This super cute baby announcement hat is the perfect way to announce your Christmas pregnancy to family, dad-to-be, or to your grandparents. 

And a super cool tip: Double this hat as a newborn photo prop for extra memories! 

With many different colors, including the typical red and green Christmas colors, this hat can be customized to your liking. 

It also comes in a super cute box, so everything is set up and ready to go for you! 


Baby Onesie 

Ah, the well-loved baby onesie announcement. However, this one is even more special as it has a super cute Christmas message. 

Plus, you can take super cute pictures before the baby comes, and after baby is here with this onesie. 

With different onesie colors and customizable features, this onesie would be the cutest way to announce your Christmas pregnancy!  


Snowman Ornament 

Now this one I find super cute as well. With a cute little snowman family and a Christmas pregnancy announcement, what more do you want? 

This pregnancy announcement would be for the second child, but they need to have their own special moment, too right? 

Fully customizable with the names on the snowmen, you can have it designed just how you want to have it. Even if you don’t know the name of your new little one, just leave it blank, it’s cute enough already how it is! 


Phew. Now if you don’t find one you like up in this post I will be surprised. So many adorable and cute Christmas pregnancy announcements, and the list could definitely be endless. 

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Until next time, 


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