The 12 First Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

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You think you may be pregnant but aren’t sure of it and it is too early to tell with a pregnancy test. Here are the 12 most common first signs of pregnancy. 

However, take a look at a chart on this website I found, indicating when you can expect to have what symptoms during your pregnancy.

Anyways, back to the first signs of pregnancy: 


1. Cramping and Spotting 

first signs of pregnancy is cramping and spotting

In the early weeks of pregnancy, everything is still so tiny and unnoticeable and occurs on a “cellular level”. However, after 10-14 days past conception (week 4) the fertilized egg will implant itself into the lining of the uterus. 

This may cause mild cramping and spotting for some women. This usually happens around the time your period comes, so some women mistake it for a light period. 

However, here are the differences between a regular period and pregnancy spotting.

 Spotting Period 
Color Red, Pink, Brown Usually bright red 
Amount of bleeding Blood present only when wiping. Spots on underwear. Easily fills tampons or pads. Light to heavy flow. 
Pain Mild, moderate, even severe. Dull or intense spasms 
Length Less than 3 days Anywhere from 3-8 days 
Symptoms Accompanied with other pregnancy related symptoms 

No symptoms of pregnancy 





2. Bloating 

Due to hormone changes in your body, early pregnancy causes your digestion to slow down. Hence, all that super uncomfortable bloating. 

For my first pregnancy, I wasn’t that bloated in the beginning. However, in my second pregnancy, I was so bloated that it was one of the first things that caused me to take an early pregnancy test, even before I missed my period! 

So, depending on you and your body, bloating may be an early sign of a possible pregnancy! 


3. Fatigue 

woman tired from pregnancy

Again, going back to our best friends and worst enemies…. hormones. 

Increased levels of progesterone will cause you to be more tired than ever. No amount of sleep will be enough, and you will feel ready for bedtime only 15 minutes after you got up in the morning. 

If you suspect you may be pregnant, get as much sleep as you can. Netflix and other things can wait, sleep is most important now. Your body is undergoing so many changes and theres a reason why you are tired. Because you need more sleep and rest! 

If this is not your first pregnancy, then sleep is precious and you may not know how to deal with an energetic toddler and being pregnant. Well, then make sure to check out 8 Critical Tips to Survive Pregnancy With a Toddler.

So, no more guilty feeling for snoozing that alarm, woo-hoo! 

4. Cervical Mucus 

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is cervical mucus changes. Cervical mucus goes creamy white after successful fertilization. So, if after you have ovulated it stays nice and creamy, it may mean you are pregnant this month! 


5. Breast Tenderness 

breast tenderness is first sign of pregnancy

This is one of the most common first signs of pregnancy for most women. Due to all those hormonal changes, your breasts may feel more tender, swollen, or even tingly. 

So, if you are hurting, you may just want to take a pregnancy test! 


6. Darkening Areolas 

Along with tenderness and painful breasts, are darkening areolas. 

These are the circles around your nipples. And they may increase in size, become darker in color, and become puffy or swollen.  

You may also see tiny bumps appear on your areolas; these are glands that will lubricate your nipples during breastfeeding later. 

However, these changes can occur early for some women, yet others need weeks to see any of these changes. 


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7. Morning Sickness 

woman has morning sickness, first sign of pregnancy

One of the most known symptoms of pregnancy… morning sickness. While morning sickness does not usually show up until after your missed period (an even more obvious sign), it is the number one symptom that women realize may mean they are pregnant. 

Even though it is called “morning sickness”, it does not necessarily happen in the morning. It can happen throughout the day or even at night. It really depends on you and your body. 

I never had morning sickness, but rather afternoon/bedtime sickness. Just as bad, only during a different time of the day. 

So even if you are feeling queasy during the day, count and make sure you didn’t miss your period this month. 

If you are experiencing pregnancy morning sickness, try following these helpful tips on this blog post to get some much-needed relief!

8. Constipation 

Due to everything slowing down in your digestive tract, constipation is more common during early pregnancy. 

Remember to drink tons of water to keep everything going as laxatives are discouraged during early pregnancy. 

However, some bodies react differently and from all the nausea you may be having more diarrhea than usual. This is also very common. 

So, if you have more constipation or diarrhea, or even both… those are key pregnancy first signs! 


9. Mood Swings 

pregnant woman having mood swings

Oh yes, forgot about those hormones yet? 

They will cause some mighty mood swings in early pregnancyHa-ha more like throughout the entire pregnancy. 

You will find yourself mad at the littlest crumb and crying over something as not having any ice cream in the freezer. 

So, if your mood swings are more often than usual, pay close attention to your body and if you have any other of these symptoms. 


10. Frequent Urination 

Feeling the need to pee like… all the time is a clear sign of pregnancy. Your growing uterus is pushing on your bladder, hence causes the bladder to decrease in size and the need to pee more urgently. 

Always make sure there is a bathroom close by if you are out in public. As you may need to go more than once an hour! 


11. Elevated Body Temperature 

elevated basal body temperature gauge

Hard to differentiate without constant tracking, your overall body temperature will rise slightly during early pregnancy.  

Around the time of your ovulation, your body temperature will increase slightly, and drop again during your period. However, if it stays elevated after your ovulation for more than 18 days, it is a strong indicator that your body is undergoing some exciting changes! 


12. Missed Period 

The most obvious sign of possible pregnancy is a missed period. 

This happens when your body does not need to get rid of an unfertilized egg this month, as it has been fertilized and is starting to grow. 

Most pregnancy tests are to be used after you have missed your period. As your pregnancy hormone (hCG) is then high enough to be detected by the tests. 

However, there are early pregnancy tests that are more sensitive and can catch a pregnancy even before you have missed your period. So, if you have some of these symptoms above and cannot wait, then a trip to the drugstore is a must! 

Most doctor clinics won’t test you for pregnancy until you have missed your period. So, if you have gotten a positive test result, wait until you missed your period and then go ahead and get it confirmed. 



These 12 symptoms are the earliest signs of pregnancy that you may experience when you are very early on in your pregnancy. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may be pregnant! So, be patient and wait for that positive pregnancy test to show up! 


Until next time, 


7 thoughts on “The 12 First Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy”

  1. Yes, many of these were the symptoms of early pregnancy that I had! My morning sickness stopped like clockwork as soon as I entered the second trimester, thank goodness. What a wild ride pregnancy was – and such a miraculous experience as well.

    1. Hello Katrina, haha yup I agree. Pregnancy sure is a wild ride, it seems to change every day, for better or for worse! I’m so glad you didn’t have to experience morning sickness all too long, it sure is a nasty symptom of pregnancy!

  2. Thanks for your blog post. Good read. My friend experienced morning sickness a lot, which is how she found out. She found out rather late though. She was already two months or so into her pregnancy.

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