10 Unexpected Ways your Second Pregnancy will be Different

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You’re pregnant again, yet this time it’s different. Is everything okay? Is this a successful pregnancy you ask yourself? Are these symptoms normal? We are here to clear you up on all the second pregnancy differences you will experience. 

But here’s the thing. 

Every woman is different, as is every pregnancy. You may experience all, some, or most of these symptoms to different degrees than other women. So just keep that in mind while you continue reading. 

The 10 most common differences between first and second pregnancies are: 


-More tired than usual 

-Body aches and pains 

-Feel baby kick sooner 

-Show baby belly sooner 

-Shorter and faster labor 

-Uterus cramping 

-Different emotions 

-Feeling distant 

-Some perks and benefits 


So, keep reading to find out more about all these second pregnancy differences and more! 

10 Unexpected Ways Your Second Pregnancy May Be Different


1. Morning Sickness 

more morning sickness second pregnancy

Some women report having more morning sickness in their second pregnancy, while others report having less. 

This really depends on you, your hormones, and maybe even what gender you are carrying. 

The old wife’s tale says you are nauseous with a girl (due to the spike in estrogen) and have no morning sickness with boys. 

However, this does not hold true for every woman. 

In a poll, this old wife’s tale held true for about 47% of women. 


I was part of the other 53%. 

I had absolutely no morning sickness with my daughter, yet in this second pregnancy felt very nauseous for the first 15 weeks. However, its a girl again! So I guess I debunked the old wife’s tale the first time, but the second time held true for me!

How was it with your first pregnancy? Did the old wife’s tale hold true or was it debunked? 


2. More Tired than Usual 

feeling more tired picture

You will feel more tired than you have ever been, even more tired than being pregnant with your first. This is because you have another little babe to take care of.  

Your body is going through a lot: taking care of yourself, growing a beautiful baby, and taking care of another child. 

It’s a lot. 

So, whenever you can, catch some much-needed sleep and relax. 

Not able to sleep due to pregnancy insomnia? Here is a great blog post with some helpful tips on battling those nighttime sessions. 


3. Body Aches and Pains 

Pregnant Woman with Contractions

Most likely, your body will not have fully recovered from giving birth. 

Experts say a woman’s body needs 2 full years to recover from giving birth. The keyword here being “recover”. 

This does not mean getting to the same level of health and fitness as before. 

If you are like most women, having a child and taking care of that child is all you worry about for the first few years. Only later do most women focus on building up their strength again. 

All of this means your body is weaker than before, so you will experience the aches and pains of pregnancy much sooner, and to an even bigger degree of pain. 

Of course, this can all be countered with regular exercise and muscle building. Just make sure it is safe to do so by checking in with a health professional first. 


4. Feel Baby Kick Sooner

pregnant woman feeling baby kicks

You will most likely start feeling those tiny little flutters much sooner than with your first. 

On average, women with first-time pregnancy feel movement anywhere from 16-25 weeks, usually closer to 25. 

Second-time pregnant moms may feel the movements as soon as 13 weeks! 

This is because you know what to look and feel for. You can distinguish between baby kicks and gas bubbles more easily than the first time. 

For me, I felt the first kick at 18 weeks the first time, and at 14 weeks the second time. Not a huge difference but definitely sooner! 


5. Show Baby Belly Sooner 

baby belly showing sooner on pregnant woman

This shocks most second-time pregnant moms, just how early they start showing! 


This is because either: 

A) your body remembers that it needs to stretch

B) your muscles are looser and therefore your belly “pops” sooner

C) you still have some extra baby fat


Think of your belly like a balloon. Hard and resistant to blow up the first time, yet easy to blow up the second time! 

I was so bloated the second time around at 4 weeks pregnant I suspected I was pregnant before I even missed my period! By 6 weeks I had a noticeable baby bump, not like at 14 weeks the first time around. 

This may mean keeping your pregnancy a secret may be harder yet be proud that your body is remember everything it needs to do! 


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6. Labor is Shorter and Easier 

labor is shorter

Studies show that second-time labors are faster than the first. So definitely look forward to that perk! 

Again, going back to the same principle as before. 

Your body knows what to do and has already done it once before. This means you will be able to efface and dilate faster the second time around than the first. 

You also know what to expect, and how to properly push and do everything necessary to get the baby out. 

However, don’t take my word for it. If you had a traumatic first birth, you may have some mental roadblocks which can really stall your second labor. While it is true that most women have had easier labors the second time, delivery is unpredictable and therefore things can always go wrong. 


7. Uterus Cramping is Worse 

Woman resting with newborn baby

Because your uterus expands easier the second time around, it will be bigger. Meaning it needs to contract even more to return to original size. 

This means those disgusting uterus contractions every time you breastfeed will be worse and will get worse with every further pregnancy. 

However, it’s a good thing they don’t last long, and you will be an even greater pro at breastfeeding this time around (if you breastfed the first time). 


8. Different Emotions 

woman stressed in bathtub

Based on what you have experienced with your first pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum, you may be more anxious and scared the second time around. 

Having a miscarriage before your second pregnancy also greatly impacts your level of happiness when you see that positive test result. 

I had a chemical miscarriage before my second pregnancy and was scared for the first 12 weeks until a dating ultrasound that everything is okay and going according to God’s miraculous plan and creation. 

This definitely put a damper on my “I just got pregnant jitters” 

Based on your experiences, you may be even more excited this time around, or have more anxiety throughout the pregnancy. 


9. Feel more Distant 

feeling tired

Having gone through a pregnancy already and being pre-occupied with keeping your first-born fed and happy may mean you feel more distant throughout this pregnancy. 

Your ultrasounds, doctor visits, and weekly growth updates aren’t that exciting anymore. And that is totally okay and normal! 

Do not feel guilty for not being able to give this pregnancy much thought and careful planning, you have another wonderful job on this earth. So, fully enjoy it and take some time to relax with your growing baby bump! 


10. Some Symptoms will be Less 

mom and dad holding baby belly

Perks of the second pregnancy are that you may feel some symptoms less than the last pregnancy. The most common of these are breast pain, but also morning sickness could be better this time around. 

You most likely had super-duper tender breasts the first time around. Yet this time, you can expect it to be less. 

That is because your body has already undergone huge changes and doesn’t need to re-wire your entire body again. 


Your second pregnancy may be similar or completely different from your first. However, these 10 changes are the most common thing women experience the second time around. 

How was it for you? Are you experiencing any different symptoms you never had the first time around? Let me know in the comments below, I look forward to hearing from you.


Until next time, 



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4 thoughts on “10 Unexpected Ways your Second Pregnancy will be Different”

  1. I never had the opportunity to get pregnant a second time but have heard that it is much different. This is a great resource for those who are getting ready to add to their families.

    1. Thank you Jennifer for your kind comment! Adding a new member to the family is a big decision, and I love to educate new-moms to be on what they could possibly experience, out of my own experiences and things I wish people would have told me sooner!

  2. This is very helpful, the second pregnancy is very different although a lot of things are to be expected from the last pregnancy. Great pregnancy tips to keep in mind.

    1. Hello Makayla, yes I agree! A lot of things will be familiar, however, I was surprised how many things were different as I imagined it completely the same. I guess it depends from pregnancy to pregnancy right? Thank you for your comment!

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