12 Winter Pregnancy Must-Haves to Survive the Cold

winter pregnancy must haves

Being pregnant during winter certainly does have its pros and cons. However, with these winter pregnancy must-haves, you can make your life so much easier and enjoy this winter season. 

From little things to bigger purchases, what you need and buy is up to you. 

However, living in snowy Canada where driving a 2-wheel drive is not an option, these are the things that got me through the winter season twice, through early pregnancy, and expecting any day now. 

12 Winter Pregnancy Must-Haves

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A Maternity Winter Coat 

Dressing when you’re pregnant is always a challenge, but when the weather gets colder it gets especially tricky. 

A good warm maternity winter coat is a definite winter pregnancy must-have if you live in colder parts of the world, however, spending a lot of money on a temporary piece of clothing is hard. 

However, the trick comes to finding good winter coats that can transition into postpartum winter coats. Ones with a built-in extension feature for a big bump, or even coats with a drawstring around the waist can help in functionality and use. 

The key is to look for non-maternity winter coats with extra growing room, and the option to use the drawstrings or even a belt to help flatter your postpartum body later on. 

Here are some amazing recommendations for winter coats in case you are still searching! 

Comfy Clothes 

Winter is all about leggings, pajamas, slippers, and oversized sweaters. Yay for us pregnant ladies! 

We now have a valid excuse to stay in pajamas all day, and for dressing up a sweater and leggings will do the trick! No tight skinny jeans and sucking in our belly for us! 

So, make sure to stock up on some maternity leggings and comfy shirts and sweaters for the winter season, you will definitely not regret it. 

Good Shoes 

winter pregnancy must haves boots

When you live up north and experience freezing temperatures, you know slipping on sidewalks and driveways is a common problem. 

When you’re pregnant, slipping and falling can come with risks and injuries. While most of the time you’ll be okay, you can seriously injure yourself and you do need to be extra careful. 

But don’t worry, your baby is usually safe. The amniotic fluid acts as a cushion and helps to absorb some of the shocks of a fall. However, if you had a bad fall and are worried make sure to go see a doctor to help ease your mind that everything is okay! 

Plus, God gave us such an amazing instinct to stretch out our hands if we fall forwards, protecting our baby bump. Even at the cost of a sprained or broken wrist. Broken bones can heal, but internal injuries are harder to deal with, especially during pregnancy. 

So, speaking of falling and slipping, make sure to get good winter boots with good grips and footing. A pair of good quality winter boots can make all the difference in slipping and saving yourself an injury. 

Essential Oils to Boost Immune System 

Winter season is also the cold and flu season, which can hit pregnant women hard. Most pregnant women experience a cold or flu during their childbearing months, however, these sicknesses usually last longer and are harder to recover from. 

So, prevention is key. 

Making sure to wash your hands properly, dressing warm and cozy, and boosting your immune system are good preventative measures. 

To boost your immune system, take your prenatal vitamins. They are loaded with tons of good nutrients that can help your body fight off any unwanted bacteria and viruses. 

Also diffusing essential oils and using them topically are good ways to naturally boost your immune system. Pregnant women should be careful about taking essential oils in capsules, as certain essential oils can have negative effects on you during this time. So always make sure to check with a health professional before using and consuming essential oils. 

Diffusing DoTerra’s OnGuard Essential Oil helps boost your immune system in a naturally and gently. Consuming DoTerra’s OnGuard Softgels will help boost your immune system more directly, however, caution should be taken when pregnant. 

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Good Moisturizing Cream 

soothe itchy stretch marks

Ah, winter. Where dry and cracked skin and lips seem to be a constant battle. Having a good moisturizing cream as a pregnant woman can be a huge lifesaver, and is definitely a winter pregnancy must-have!

Your body is using so much fluid now to grow and take care of your baby, and most often not a lot is left for you. So, make sure to get those water bottles down and to use a moisturizing cream and chapstick for hydration! 

Side note: A good moisturizing cream can also help treat and prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, so an even added bonus there!  

Amazon Prime Subscription 

Who wants to go shopping when the wind is blowing, and the roads are iced and full of snow? Not many people, and especially not pregnant women. 

However, Christmas shopping needs to get done and that is where that beautiful invention of online shopping comes into play. 

Getting an Amazon Prime subscription really isn’t a lot and will save you tons of money in the long run if you do tend to shop more online. Plus, the selection they have is huge, you can’t really complain about not finding what you are looking for on there. And just for you, get your first 30 days of Amazon Prime Shipping for free!

Another great place to shop is Etsy, especially for cute handmade gifts and baby items. 

Those are usually my go-to places to get my online shopping done, but there are so many more unique and specialized online shops, and all you have to do is a quick google search! 

Cuddle Blanket 

cuddle blanket

Can you really watch a movie and relax without snacks and a big cuddle blanket? I don’t think so.  

Grabbing a big blanket or even a blanket/sweater combo will make your cuddle and nights-in even more cozy and special. 

And I even recommend sizing up and getting a blanket big enough for two if you don’t mind sharing and love to cuddle! 

Instant Pot 

It took me a while to convince myself to get an instant pot, but I will never regret that purchase. 

With the ability to cook super-fast, and use it as a slow cooker, an instant pot the ultimate winter pregnancy lifesaver. 

For the days that you forgot about dinner and are in a rush, whip up something quick and speedy in the instant pot. 

On days where you plan to lazy around and get things done here and there, use the instant pot as a slow cooker and dump everything in and go. Can making food get any simpler? And the simpler the better at the moment, right? 

Plus, winter is the perfect time for stews, soups, and hot dinner meals. Meals that usually take more preparation than a wrap or sandwich, but not anymore when you got an instant pot

Your Favorite Drinks  

winter pregnancy must-haves, christmas drinks

Whether you crave hot chocolate, peppermint lattes, French vanillas, or just a regular coffee, make sure to stock up on your favorite winter drinks. 

Pregnancy cravings hit hard, and even snowstorms can’t seem to slow down the need for a nice cup of your favorite liquid.  

Having those certain items on hand to make at home can make all the difference in a happy or grumpy pregnant lady. So stocking up on your favourite drinks is another winter pregnancy must-have! Plus, through homemade drinks you’ll save more money in the long run anyway! Double bonus! 

Cozy Socks 

Another major winter pregnancy must-haves are cozy socks. And not just your regular warm fuzzy socks, but those that you want to slip on 24/7 because they are just that super comfortable. 

I especially love these aloe socks, which soothes and hydrates your skin, helps with sore feet, and are the softest socks out there. 

We all know that pregnant women struggle with swollen and sore feet. Well slipping these on at night, or even wearing them during the day helps ease that soreness and is like a whole spa treatment right from your living room couch! 

Bath Bombs and Epsom Salt 

bath bombs during pregnancy

If you love taking baths, you are most likely taking all the baths you can while you’re pregnant. There is just something so relaxing and calming about a nice Epsom salt bath at the end of the day. 

I love adding my DoTerra Lavender oil for calming and soothing benefits and my DoTerra Deep Blue oil to help with muscle soreness into my bath. 

However, infused Epsom bath salt or even bath bombs will also do the trick and are super easy and affordable to have on hand! 

So, make sure to stock up on these luxury items to survive your winter pregnancy and give you some time to recover and relax! 

Pregnancy Pillow 

And lastly, the most important winter pregnancy must-haves of them all, pregnancy pillows! 

I’m not even sure how any pregnant woman can survive without one. With so many different shapes and sizes available you can customize your pregnancy pillow to your needs. 

Not sure which one to buy? Check out Which Pregnancy Pillow is Best For Me? A Quiz on all the different pregnancy pillows, their pros and cons, and even a handy dandy quiz to help you find out your perfect pregnancy pillow match! 

Being pregnant is never a walk in the park, yet when that walk in the park involves snow and the cold, it gets even harder. 

Making sure to be prepared for the winter season ahead can make all the difference in feeling calm or overwhelmed. 

So, make sure to take care of yourself, grab all the items on this list, and enjoy your winter pregnancy with all of your winter pregnancy must-haves. Hey, it gives you an even bigger excuse to lounge around and stay out of the cold! Not sure what to do in the winter while pregnant? Well then head on over to Ultimate List of What to do in Winter When Pregnant!

What were your winter pregnancy must-haves? Any items you would never be able to live without? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great list! I especially love how you talk about looking for non-maternity coat options. I remember looking at maternity coats but then saw the price tag and quickly looked for something that could be worn postpartum.

    1. Hello Caitlin,
      Yup I agree, it’s ridiculous what they charge for maternity clothes, especially because its such a short season of a woman’s life! I’m still looking for my maternity winter coat, can’t seem to find one I like. But the hunt is still on!


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